We are a non-profit and non-denominational organisation fostering the love of music in our community.
Honour Board
We are proud to present our honour board for your perusal.

To be eligible for Life membership, or recognition on the Honour Roll, of the Choral Institute Melbourne, a person must be:

  • A financial member who has given 20 years of service as a chorister, or
  • 10 years as a Committee / Board member, or
  • At the discretion of the Board.

Additional Life Members and Honour Roll recipients are revised every 5 years.

This last occurred in June 2009.


Kevin CASEY: Founding Artistic Director 1984 to 2002


Kevin Casey was a graduate of Toorak Teachers' College and Melbourne University. He taught at primary and secondary levels in subjects including Latin, French, English and Music. He also taught voice at the Melbourne University's Faculty of Music.

In 1964 Kevin founded the well known National Boys' Choir which he directed until 1987. Directorship of this choir was then taken over by his son Peter. They are well known through their participation in the successful QANTAS marketing program of the 1990's and early 21st century.

International touring choirs under Kevin's directorship have visited the Philippines, Hong Kong, Japan, TaiwanCanada, Switzerland and Austria.

In 1984 Kevin expanded his choral activities by establishing the National Girls' Choir. The further addition of a boys' choir and older group saw the need for a name change and so The Choral Institute Melbourne (CHIME) was born.

Kevin Casey's own involvement in singing consisted of many ABC recitals, Oratorios and Operas with ABC Television and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. Kevin Casey was widely sought after as an adjudicator for Eisteddfods.

Kevin retired as Artistic Director of CHIME in 2002 and, after a short illness, passed away in 2007.

A friend and mentor to many; may he rest in peace. He is sadly missed.

Life Membership Awards

 Life Member  Awarded  For Services  Comments
 Dianne COSTIGAN  1989 1984 to 1989   
 John COSTIGAN  1989  1984 to 1989   
 Kieran HANCOCK  1989  1984 to 1989   
 Anne CARRUTHERS  2004  1984 to present  
 Angela CARRUTHERS  2009  1985 to present  
 Scott CARRUTHERS  2009  1987 to present  
 Gwen CASEY  2009  1984 to present  
 Liz LITTLE  2009  1995 to present  
 Stuart LITTLE  2009  1995 to present  
 Anne MATISI  2009  1987 to present  
 Coral RAFFERTY  2009  1986 to present  
 Jayne TURNER  2009  1986 to present  
Gine UPWARD (Nee CARRUTHERS) 2009  1984 to present  

CHIME Alumni

 Chorister  Voice  Comments
 Dominic ALESSI  Tenor  Victorian Opera Chorus
 Roy BEST  Tenor

 Runner-up: ABC's 2006 national reality TV show "Operatunity Oz ".

 Nationally sought after tenor, performing frequently with nationally recognised orchestras and performers 

 Gwen CASEY  Soprano  Victorian Opera Chorus
 Mark CASEY  Boy Soprano  Solo performance in the backing music for the Sydney 2000 Olympics opening ceremony
 Marion NORRIS  Soprano  Well regarded Melbourne soloist
 Matthew RICHARDSON  Tenor  Well regarded Sydney soloist
 Richard THOMAS  Tenor  Well regarded Melbourne soloist
 Sam U'REN  Soprano  Well regarded Melbourne soloist

Past Patrons

 Patron  Choir  Comments
 Ester WOOD  CHIME Youth Choir For the period 2001 to 2006 while located at the Burwood Heights Primary School.

20+ Years Membership

 Chorister  Joined  Membership  Comments
 Gina CARRUTHERS  1984  Continuous / Current  Short time out for parenthood
 Angela CARRUTHERS  1985  Continuous / Current  
 Megan CARRUTHERS  1985  Continuous / Current  Now performs on a part time basis
 Scott CARRUTHERS  1987  Continuous / Current  Short time out while staying in Japan
 Anne MATISI  1987  Continuous / Current

15+ Years Membership

 Chorister  Joined  Membership  Comments
 Louise ARCHER  1988  Continuous / Current
 Jane IRETON  1988  Continuous / Current  Short time out for parenthood and living in Tasmania
 Rachelle MOSCA ( nee ELIAS)  1988  Continuous / Current  Short time out periodically for music productions

10+ Years Membership

 Chorister  Joined  Membership  Comments
 Liz LITTLE  1994  Continuous / Current
 Stuart LITTLE  1994  Continuous / Current