We are a non-profit and non-denominational organisation fostering the love of music in our community.
Volunteer Positions
All supporting positions are unpaid voluntary roles.

To effectively manage the diversity of tasks required to support a multi-choir organisation of this nature a number of sub-committes are required. These sub-committes are in turn managed by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committe retains the ultimate responsibility and accountability as specified by the Articles of Association.

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Executive Committee

Current office bearers are:
 Position  Incumbent  Appointment
 Artistic Director  Jayne Turner

 2002; Previously in the position of Conductor for the period 1988 to 2001

 Manager  Stuart Little  1996
 Assistant Manager  Roy Best  2004
 Secretary  Anne Matisi / Stuart Little  2007 / 2003
 Treasurer  Vince Curatore  2002
 Finance  Geoff Hall  2005; Previously in the position of Treasurer for the period 1999 to 2002
 Choir Leader  Anne Matisi / Roy Best  1998 / 2006
 Presentation  Anne Carruthers  1984
 Marketing  Nathan Goode  2006
 Chorister Liaison  Liz Little  2006


Current members and their responsibilities are:
 Name  Executive  Music  Finance  Tour  Social  Fundraising  Grants



 Louise Archer                Yes
 Roy Best  Yes  Yes    Yes        Yes
 Anne Carruthers  Yes       Yes  Yes    
 Angela Carruthers            Yes    
 Vince Curatore  Yes    Chair  Yes  Chair  Chair    
 Rob Ducray          Yes  Yes    
 Sharon Ducray          Yes  Yes    
 Nursel Ilbahar          Yes  Yes    
 Nathan Goode  Yes              
 Geoff Hall  Yes    Yes  Yes      Chair  
 Liz Little  Yes            Yes  
 Stuart Little  Chair    Chair      Yes  Chair
 Anne Matisi  Yes  Yes    Yes        Yes
 Colin Turner    Yes            Yes
 Jayne Turner  Yes  Chair            Yes